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Ale Cam


Style: American IPA
6.7% abv, 80 IBU, 7 SRM  
Nicknamed Lupulus Rabbit, this project is all about hops. Drop down the experimental rabbit hole with us, and explore the diversity of flavors and aromas that hops bring to a beer. Light gold in color with nice clarity, the trip begins with aromas of strong, pungent hop characters that include white pepper, light citrus and sweet garlic. With hops added from mash to kettle, and a healthy dose of dry-hopping, the thick, focused hoppiness of the journey has only a tiny bit of soft malt peeking through. Intense hop resin lingers on the pallet well after reaching the bottom of the glass.

Style: Oaked American Amber
6.7% abv, 60 IBU, 13 SRM  
Agoura Hills is home to hundreds of heritage oak trees so it’s only fitting that we name our new oaked ale after our city. Agoura Ale is deep amber in color with a dense, white head of foam. Noticeable oak aromas and flavors impart a roasted, vanilla character and build the structure and body of the ale. Moderate bitterness from citrusy hops rolls into soft complexity from crystal and aromatic malts, and finishes with subtle caramel sweetness. Enjoy Agoura Ale with Ladyface’s wood-grilled Chicken Sandwich and a view of the oak groves.

ABV 9%
Onager (pronounced ä-ni-jər) is the latest in Ladyface’s Ingenuity Series of barrel-aged inventions, and named after a Roman catapult. Aged 12 months in Maker’s Mark® bourbon barrels, Onager was inoculated with Brettanomyces (wild yeast) and left to age with calamondins, a sour, small citrus fruit. Sophisticated yet approachable, complex and rich with exotic citrus, soft oak, bourbon and Belgian funk, Onager finishes with lingering citrus, refreshing and dry.

BLUE-BELLY™ BARLEYWINE - ABV 10.7% - IBU 88 (3/17/14)
Ladyface's indigenous interpretation of an English barleywine is named after the lively, blue-bellied, native lizards that dwell in our backyards. The ale has full-bodied structure and bold toffee malt character is balanced with medium citrus and floral hop qualities, soft hop pine resins that stem from layers of Apollo, Columbus and Bravo hop varietals. A strong ale finishing drier than expected with notes of leather and dried fruit.

Style: French Bière de Mars
ABV 6.8%
Born in the countryside of northern France, a Bière de Mars means “March Beer”. In contrast to its kissing cousin Bière de Garde (“beer for keeping”), it was traditionally brewed during the winter months and meant to be consumed fresh in the spring. Our Spring ale, Brett Blossom Bière de Mars, is brewed using oats, wheat & flaked corn and then fermented with 100% Brettanomyces lambicus in Napa Cabernet barrels, the old-fashioned way, with no steel fermentation. Brett Blossom has the distinct musty, farmhouse character of wild yeast with notes of fruit and spice, and the perfect ale to enjoy as the weather warms.

Dérailleur®” bière-de-garde (“beer for keeping”) is a deep golden ale brewed to celebrate the global passion for cycling. Named after a bicycle’s gear-changing mechanism, this ale is malty and rustic, with a spicy yeast character. Subtle flavors of French oak were derived from ageing in Rhône varietal Mourvèdre wine barrels.


La BLONDE - ABV 5.4%
An easy-to-drink ale with smooth, light malt sweetness initially, but finishes dry and holds a good Belgian character. (Oude Blonde - A Chardonnay barrel-aged version was released on Saturday, January 29, 2011)

Style: Grisette Farmhouse Ale
ABV 5.8%

La Grisette, meaning "little grey" in French, is a nearly extinct style of a Belgian farmhouse wheat ale. It is pale-coloured, low alcohol, refreshing and light, and brewed with acidulated barley that adds a crisp tartness to the finish. The term was also applied to the independent, unconventional young women who left their country lives to work in bohemian Paris at the turn of the 19th century. The word 'grisette' refers to a simple dress of gray fabric as well as the free-spirited women who wore them.

A medium-bodied Belgian-style ale with a beautiful deep copper hue. Brewed in a classic abbey dubbel style, it carries good malt structure, faint undertones of chocolate with moderately strong alcohol and low bitterness levels. (Gold Medal Winner - 2010 L.A. International Beer Competition, Bronze Medal - 2012 California State Fair.)

A Belgian-style Tripel with a marriage of spicy, fruity and alcohol flavors supported by soft malt character. Although considered a substantial ale, its medium-light body would suggest otherwise due to a high rate of yeast fermentation.

Style: American Brown Ale
5.5% ABV - 47 IBU
Bravado is a refreshing West-coast interpretation of the classic American Brown ale, featuring Melanoidin malt and utilizing Apollo, Bravo, and El Dorado hop varieties. It's a first starring appearance at Ladyface in a tawny brown coat with a dense white foam top, carrying on to the stage a light citrus aroma and ruggedly handsome chocolate notes. Flavors start with a balanced citrus hop character with low bitterness, closely trailed by soft cocoa and fresh bread, and finishing with focused toffee malt on the pallet. It's definitely a thirst-quenching ale to knock back the dust just off the saddle.

Style: Session India Pale Ale
ABV 3.8%, IBU 45
Ladyface’s newest flagship ale is pale gold in color with a well-formed, bright white foam head. Moderately hopped with aromas of pine and lychee, malt tones are light yet bright. Finishing with bright, zesty hop flavors, Palo Comado is a light and refreshing pale ale that does not skimp on flavor or character. A perfect session ale to drink after a local hike in beautiful namesake
Palo Comado Canyon.

An adaptation of an English Pale Ale reflecting indigenous ingredients and West Coast flavors. Moderately hopped, showing a citrus hop character with medium-bodied balance.

Named for a local canyon, deep amber in color, this Imperial IPA has a powerfully floral aroma of grapefruit, pine and tropical fruits. Full bodied with subtle malt tones. Brewed with 6 different hop additions and moderately bitter, the emphasis is on hop flavor and aroma and a long, hoppy finish. Bronze Medal-winner. Great with burgers and cheese! (Silver Medal - 2012 California State Fair, Bronze Medal - 2010 L.A. International Beer Competition)

Our robust coffee-infused dark ale with a nitrogen push. A multi-layered ale with generous amounts of chocolate malt and big coffee flavors that are well balanced with a noticeable hop character. Deep, dark brown in color with mahogany edges. The soft and creamy texture make this ale dangerously smooth. Not many folks know that our city, Agoura Hills, was once known as Picture City because of all the movies shot in the area. ( Silver Medal - 2011 L.A. International Beer Competition.)


A Belgian-style dark strong ale, this year's release is brewed with raisins. Malty with rich dried fruit character, high carbonation & a dry finish, it pairs beautifully with traditional Thanksgiving meals. La Trappistine® is a Winter warmer, high in alcohol, therefore just the thing to take to your crazy family dinner or a holiday feast.

Style: Black IPA
7.6% ABV, 85 IBU
Ladyface has gone to the dark side. This Black IPA is full-bodied, surrounded by wheat and oats, soft Munich-style malts, and a touch of chocolate. Aggressively hopped with El Dorado, Aramis, and Falconer's Flight 7Cs, the result is balanced with notes of sharp citrus and tropical hops. Enjoy Pareidolia and see if you find an ivory foam face staring at you from atop your black-bodied pint glass.

Style: Belgian Quadrupel

ABV 11.6%
Ladyface celebrates its fourth year with a Belgian quadrupel ale brewed with raspberries. 'Flores et Fructus' commemorates the traditional fourth anniversary offering of flowers & fruit. It is deep garnet in color with a dense white foam head. Fresh raspberry aroma is followed by dark crystal malts and finally a distinct Belgian yeast profile. Flavors of rum raisin and light toffee, with subtle hop character, are rounded out with just the right amount of fruit. Surprisingly refreshing for such a big beer, 4th Anniversary Ale is deceptively smooth and easy drinking.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout
10% ABV
Bittersweet chocolate and roasted barley flavors and aromas explode off the top of this jet black ale with a rich brown head. Intense Northwest hops are nicely balanced by lots of malt. You'll want to have more than one, but be careful, it will rock your cradle!

We celebrate Oktoberfest with a German-style wheat beer that is deep and sultry, with chocolate & raisin tones, notes of cloves & banana, and a dry finish. It is unfiltered and the large amount of wheat in the recipe lends a rich body, and gives it's appearance a characteristic cloudy haze in a dark cloak.

ABV 5.2% (Harvest Ale - Seasonal)
Ladyface's latest seasonal, a wet-hopped harvest ale, it embraces the diverse traits of Mosaic® offering a complex blend of tropical fruit, floral and earthy character, but with very low bitterness*. Hutash is great session ale adorned in a beautiful fall amber color. The Chumash Native Americans, who originally settled the Agoura area, celebrate a fall equinox sun ceremony during the month of Hutash, which is also the name of their Earth Goddess. Taking place after the harvest is picked, it focuses on the spiritual importance of unity in the lean winter months to come.


Style: Imperial Red
ABV 9.5%, IBU 68
This full-bodied Imperial red ale unfolds with rich caramel & toffee candy character balanced by Apollo and El Dorado hops, which impart flavors of grapefruit and tropical fruit. German Melanoidin and South American Especial malts in the recipe add rich sweetness, dark dried fruit character, and garnet and burnt orange hues. Reyes Adobe Red's impressive alcohol level creeps through as the beer warms up to cellar temperatures. The purchase of this ale helps Ladyface support the Reyes Adobe Historical Site & Park.

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL - Cabernet Barrel-aged 2013 version
Style: Scotch Ale / 120 Shilling
35.5 IBU/ 30 SRM/ ABV 9.5%
This Belgian interpretation of a Scotch Ale starts with sweet malt aromas and caramel and chocolate flavors. Beachwood-smoked German Rauch malt gives it a light smokiness. Multi-layered and complex, the barrel-aging then adds toasty notes of vanilla, mocha, toffee & coconut to this special Midnight Special

Style: American Red
ABV 7.0% IBU 75
This year’s Red Rye, a single-hopped American red ale, features mildly fruity notes from Calypso hops and a distinctive astringency from 26% flaked rye grain. A great beer for the end of a long, hot day.

Style: Farmhouse Saison
ABV 6.8%
Saison is the French word for 'season.' Summer seasonal Chaparral Saison is a pale golden, Belgian farmhouse-style ale made with raw clover honey. Saison yeast yields spicy esters, a slight earthiness and a delicate haze. The light body, mild tartness and balanced hop character add complexity to this very dry ale that’s perfect for hotter weather.

Style: American XPA
ABV 4.9%, IBU 62
Seasonal favorite Palo Comado Extra Pale Ale returns, this year featuring Falconer’s Flight 7 Cs. This 7-hop blend of Crystal, Columbus, Chinook, Citra, Cascade, Centennial, and Cluster imparts distinctive tropical fruit and citrus notes. Named for the late Glen Hay Falconer, a craft beer pioneer in the Pacific Northwest, sales of this special hop blend support Glen’s foundation which provides education support for new brewers. Nice cause, great session ale! (Bronze Medal Winner - 2013 L.A. International Beer Competition, International Pale Ale)

CATACLYSM - Jan 2, 2013
Style: Imperial Oatmeal IPA
100+ IBU, ABV 10%
Cataclysm comes from the Greek "to wash down" & is an original home-brew creation of Brewer Dave. Straw gold in color with very floral hop notes, it features plenty of Simcoe and Calypso in the recipe. Oats enhance the viscosity and make a smooth-bodied beer you will want to sink your teeth in. Cataclysm is being served on nitro to double down on the soft & creamy texture.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout - ABV 10.7%
Bittersweet chocolate and roasted barley flavors and aromas explode off the top of this jet black ale with a rich brown head. No small baby batch, the 900 pound malt bill, balanced with 83 IBU of intense Northwest hops make this a full-bodied brew. You'll want to have more than one, but be careful, it will rock your cradle. (Bronze Medal - 2012 California State Fair.)
За здоровье!

Style: Scotch Ale / 120 Shilling
35.5 IBU/ 30 SRM/ ABV 9.5%
Just in time for late night toasts, this year's Midnight Special ports a deep chestnut brown hue topped with a dense white head. Crystal and Munich malts start this rich ale off with sweet malt aromas and flavors of caramel and chocolate. Beachwood-smoked German Rauch malt adds light smoky notes. Hops play only a supporting role to bring nice balance to this full-bodied experience with a relatively dry finish.  Multi-layered and complex, this Belgian interpretation of a Scotch ale makes a great late night companion.

HUTASH - ABV 3.9% (Seasonal - Oct. 2011)
Ladyface's latest seasonal, a wet-hopped harvest ale, it boasts the intense presence of Citra® tropical fruit fragrance and flavor but with very low bitterness. Hutash is great session ale adorned in a beautiful fall amber color. The Chumash, who originally settled this area, celebrate a fall equinox sun ceremony during the month of Hutash, which is also the name of their Earth Goddess. Taking place after the harvest is picked, it focuses on the spiritualimportance of unity in the lean winter months to come.


Style: Belgian Quadrupel
ABV 10.9%
Homebrewers Kingsley Toby & Brian Holter took Best of Show at Mayfaire this year and became our GABF Pro- Am partners. Dark Horse has a dark mahogany hue with ruby edges, and aromas of milk chocolate & toffee. Flavors of rum raisin and banana follow, finishing with alcohol and Belgian yeast spiciness.

Style: Imperial Grisette (farmhouse ale)
ABV 8.5%
This year's Battle of the Barrel entry, Ballista, is named for an ancient missile-like weapon that launched a large projectile at a distant target. With it, we have set our sites set on Malibu Family Wines where the golden trophy is held hostage. Ladyface is storming the castle with this imperial grisette aged in Semler Vineyards' French oak 2012 Viognier barrels. One hundred pounds of rolled oats give the ale a silky body. The tart edges of the 17% acidulated barley in Ballista's brew recipe are complimented by a distinct, aromatic, white wine finish.

TRUTH or DARE - Feb. 21, 2013
Style: Strong Ale
ABV 9.2%
Truth or Dare is an edgy, progressive strong ale blend. This imperial version of Picture City Porter fermented with cacao nibs, is the 300th batch we've brewed at Ladyface. Its malty softness meets the intense, oak barrel-aged Reyes Adobe Red to create a 60/40 blend bold with Bourbon and chocolate flavors. Finishing quite dry considering its high alcohol, the 72 IBUs reflect Reyes Adobe Red's Columbus hops. Truth is, it’s exciting. We dare you to try it!

La BLANCHE Witbier - ABV 5.0%
This Belgian-style wheat beer exhibits a light straw golden in color with a characteristic unfiltered haze. Aromas of cereals, subtle spice, and faint but clean hops. Dried orange peels and coriander help brighten up this already crisp ale. It's low alcohol makes it a great beer for a sunny day on the patio. (Bronze Medal - 2012 California State Fair.)

CHERRIE BROWN - ABV 5.8% (12/4/12)
Walnut brown with ruby hues & a dense white head, our sour cherry brown ale has a light body & strong flavors. Brewed with 16% acidulated barley, a noticeable tang is followed by moderate cherry notes layered over traditional brown ale flavors of toffee, chocolate, & caramel. Extremely drinkable with a tart cherry finish that pairs well with holiday dishes.
She's a real tart!

Ladyface 3rd Anniversary Ale - Jan 20,2013
Style: Belgian Quadrupel
ABV 9.0%
Ladyface celebrates its third year with a Belgian dark strong ale carrying a deep garnet hue and a dense white foam head. Aromas of soft caramel and toffee are layered between earthy spice and fruit. Hops are unnoticeable but enough to balance. Flavors of rum-raisin and fresh baked bread are followed quickly by warming alcohol. A strong Belgian yeast character is present and exotic Asian teas add subtle layers of dark chocolate truffle and vanilla.

Style: Belgian Golden Strong

ABV 8.8%, IBU 32
Window of Opportunity is our 2012 Great American Beer Festival PRO-AM entry. Homebrewer Mike Mraz took Best of Show at this year's AHA-Sanctioned Mayfaire Competition and one of his prizes was to brew his recipe at Ladyface. The result is a Belgian Golden Strong ale with honey and untoasted almond flavors, and light fruit and banana Belgian yeast character.

GUILLOTINE - ABV 8.1% (Barrel-aged March 2011 - July 2012)
Blind Ambition Belgian Abbey ale was introduced into '07 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon barrels in March 2011. Applying a time-honored tradition using Drie Fonteinen yeast with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, the result is Guillotine, a complex sour ale with strong alcohol, tannic and tart sensations as it rolls across the palette. A high carbonation level yields a dry champagne-like effervescence, and the perfect ale to slice through rich, creamy desserts. This special Belgian Flemish Red-style ale is a long-anticipated release and this year's fourth and final release of Ladyface's "Ingenuity Series." Tapped on France’s "Fête Nationale," Bastille Day celebrates the freeing of political prisoners and sparked the French Revolution in 1789.

Style: India Pale Ale with Tropical Fruit
ABV 7.5% IBU 50 O.G. 16.2
Workers’ Co-Hop returns! The Ladyface staff once again chose the style, then united with Brewer Dave, they created a pale golden-hued ale with an intense and pungent hop aroma of pepper and pine. The forty pounds of whole leaf Columbus hops that went into the mash tun (hop back) give this beer its zip. Flavors start with a moderate to high hop bitterness followed by subtle tropical fruit notes, designed to complement the hop character; this is not a fruit beer with hops but a hoppy IPA with mango and pineapple flavors. It finishes astringent and dry with never-ending hop flavors. Sit back after your own labors and enjoy. Truly, unity through beer! Oh yeah, our servers and bartenders are all Cicerone® Certified Beer Servers.

Style: Golden Farmhouse - ABV 8.7%
Our first of the year release of Ladyface's "Ingenuity" - an industrious series of barrel-aged inventions. Trébuchet was created by aging Chaparral Saison in Sauvignon Blanc barrels for 7 months, with additions of lactobacillus for a distinct tartness without “barnyard” character. Moderately intense aroma with notes of Belgian yeast & apple skin. Somewhat tart flavor with integrated honey, green apple & tannin. Finishes very dry, lingers long with Belgian yeast tones. (Gold Medal - 2012 & Silver Medal - 2013 L.A. International Beer Competition.)

PALO COMADO XPA - ABV 4.8% (2010 release)
The seasonal return of our extra pale ale this year is our first all-organic beer. Palo Comado XPA is single-hopped with Cascade which adds a lovely citrus character. Hemp seeds provide light, nutty notes, and low acohol makes it a great session ale to end the summer heat.

PALO COMADO XPA(August 10, 2012)
Style: American XPA

ABV 5.6%, IBU 52
August features the seasonal return of Palo Comado. Our American-style extra pale ale highlights Aramis, a French hop,  which adds a noble hop character of soft, earthy flavor and aroma. With a light lemony citrus zip at the finish and 5.6% ABV, its low alcohol makes it a great session ale to quench the summer heat.

Chaparral is a pale golden, farmhouse-style ale made with local sage honey. Saison is the French word for 'season.' The Belgian/French Saison yeast yields a delicate haze, and banana and spice esters permeate the dense white head. A light body, mild tartness from the malt, and balanced hop character add complexity and mask its high alcohol.

DÉRAILLEUR® - ABV 8% IBU 28 (May 2012 release)
This year's second release of Ladyface's "Ingenuity" - an industrious series of barrel-aged inventions. “Dérailleur®” is a special bière-de-garde (“beer for keeping”), brewed to celebrate the global passion for cycling. Named after a bicycle’s gear-changing mechanism, this ale is malty, smooth with tart apple and pear notes that come from aging in French Sauvignon Blanc barrels from Malibu’s Semler Vineyards. This a deep golden ale is balanced witha noticeable earthy hop character.

AMAZON RED (5/16/11)
Style: Imperial Red
ABV 9.2%  IBU 100
Watch out for the Amazon Red with its light red with orange edges and a dense white head of foam. Ladyface’s new Imperial American red ale is boldly hopped with a new hop blend, “Falconer’s Flight” (Citra, Simcoe, and Sorachi Ace hops), balanced bitterness and big aromas of bright grapefruit and lemon followed by a wave of citrus zest and pine. It clocks in with an impressive alcohol level creeping through as the beer warms up to cellar temperatures. This ale possesses the strength of an Amazon woman warrior with a strong backbone of 805 lbs. of malt per 7 BBL and a vibrant but not heavy malt character of caramel, subtle toffee, and fresh baked bread, with hints of honey and caramel in the finish. (Bronze Medal - 2011 L.A. International Beer Competition, Third Place - 2011 AHA Pro-Am Entry with Nancy Gold.)

Style: Wild Card Pale Ale
ABV 6% IBU 47
The staff at Ladyface chose the style (West Coast Pale Ale) and they united together in mid-March to peel, squeeze, zest & jest to create Worker’s Co-Hoperative. Brewed with citrus fruits and local Piru honey, it is our first staff ale! It boasts a solid hop profile, but was fermented with Belgian Saison yeast. Truly, unity through beer! Oh yeah, our wait staff and bartenders are all Cicerone® Certified Beer Servers.

BLUE-BELLY BARLEYWINE - ABV 10.5% - IBU 103 - (2011)
A full-bodied structure with bold toffee malt character balanced with medium citrus and floral hop qualities, soft hop pine resins, and finishing with notes of leather and dried fruit.

LA CERISE (Limited Release: JANUARY 27, 2011)
Ladyface's first lambic, this kriekbier (sour cherry ale) used 40 pounds of cherries that fermented for over a year in a Justin Cabernet Sauvignon French oak barrel. It features bright dusty pink hues, a tart, dry palette with sweet cherry aroma, and earthy finish. Traditionally, Belgian Lambic ales are spontaneously fermented with naturally occurring yeast and bacteria in oak barrels.

LADYFACE® FIRST ANNIVERSARY ALE - (Orig. release January 2011)
Style: Belgian Quadrupel
ABV 11.1% O.G. 22 Plato
To celebrate our first year, we have created a big, beautiful ale, showing with dark reddish brown hues and orange edges, an elaborate contrast to the dense white foam and heavy lacing. A complex aroma hints of banana, Belgian candy and exotic spices. Deceptively smooth, this huge ale is true to the style; while no hop flavor is present, a balanced bitterness is evident. Fresh baked bread, caramel and a whisper of chocolate come through in the finish. (with Oolong tea)

LADYFACE 2nd ANNIVERSARY ALE - (original rel. 1/24/12)
Style: Belgian Quadrupel - ABV 9.8% - IBU 41.7 - O.G. 20.2 Plato
Ladyface celebrates with a Belgian dark strong ale carrying a gorgeous deep red garnet hue and a dense white foam head. Aromas of soft caramel and toffee are layered between exotic spice and fruit tones. Hops are unnoticeable but enough to balance. Flavors of rum-raisin and fresh baked bread are followed quickly by warming alcohol. A strong Belgian yeast character is present with highlights of soft banana and fruit. It finishes long and subtle with a wave of relaxation. (with almond biscotti tea)

BEFFROI - Merlot Porter - ABV 7.5%
Ladyface’s Beffroi is named for a medieval siege tower and built to withstand an onslaught of wine afficionados. This year's Battle of the Barrel challenge–pitting wine against beer--produced a perfect hybrid. Aging in Semler's French oak Merlot barrel added strong oak tannins to the rich, roasted chocolate flavors of Picture City Porter. The wine character is present, yet subdued, with hints of cherry and vanilla. Beffroi is the third release of this year's "Ingenuity" - an industrious series of barrel-aged inventions.


In addition to our own ales, Ladyface features specialty ales on tap from other local breweries and unusual Belgian imports. Additionally, we offer a select cellar of hard to find European imports.

Pint glass and growler

BEER TO GO! Growlers (64 oz. glass jugs) available "to-go!" (Ladyface ales only.)

A growler, in the pre-Prohibition era, was a metal pail that drinkers toted to their local watering hole to fill with beer. In an age when bottles were scarce and expensive, and canned beer unknown, it was the working man's only option for takeout. According to one etymology, it got its name because the hissing and crackling of the escaping CO2 resembled a guttural growl. Today's growler is a glass jug that can be rinsed and reused indefinitely, making it the eco-friendliest of beer receptacles. Some resemble hillbilly moonshine jugs.

Ladyface Ale Companie promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol. Those viewing this information should be of legal drinking age.


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* Cask conditioned ales involve using a traditional hand pump, not a CO2 push liked other kegged beers. So that long, sexy white handle at the bar, and our bartenders, get a work-out. At 3 o’clock on Wednesdays, happy hour starts, the keg gets tapped, the oxygen hits the ale and the race is on. Once tapped, an ale's longevity is limited, so get it while it lasts.