Ladyface Mini Keg


Any Ladyface Ale–-with the occasional exception–is available to-go in glass jugs called growlers, filled at our taps. We will not ship a growler full of beer, but consider a gift card to go with your purchase for a beer friend or relative.

1/2 Gallon, Stainless steel insulated. White Powder-coated design. Screw-top.

Ladyface Mini Keg

Any Ladyface Ale–-with the occasional exception–is available to-go in growlers. We fill
all Ladyface-branded growlers, either 2 liter or 64 oz. sizes. Sorry, no blank or printed growler from other breweries will be filled. (Archival ales, due to their limited quantities, may only be filled in 1 L Anniversary growlers.)

1/2 Gallon, Stainless steel insulated. Screw-top.

A growler, in the pre-Prohibition era, was a metal pail that drinkers toted to their local watering hole to fill with beer. In an age when bottles were scarce and expensive, and canned beer unknown, it was the working mans only option for takeout. According to one etymology, it got its name because the hissing and crackling of the escaping CO2 resembled a guttural growl. Today’s growler is a glass jug that can be rinsed and reused indefinitely, making it the eco-friendliest of beer receptacles. Some resemble hillbilly moonshine jugs.


Suggestions for growler cleaning and storage:
Once you purchase a growler, that specific bottle belongs to you. We will not swap it for a new one, nor will we fill a dirty or damaged vessel. We will not clean your glassware. All bottles will be inspected prior to fill, and rinsed with cold water only. Beer spoils quickly. Any residual beer will go sour or moldy and not be something you will want to mix with your new, fresh and delicious ale. We will not fill any growler that stinks or has critters growing inside! Therefore, rinse your growler with hot (HOT!!!) water immediately after consuming its contents. Let it drip dry with the lid off. Alternately, swish it with rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka to ward off microbial growth. Growlers are to-go containers only. Transport it upright, securely and keep it cold. Many beer enthusiasts keep a small cooler in their car for this purpose. We hope you will enjoy are ales over and over again. Please consume responsibly.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 9 in


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