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Ladyface offers a full bar with fresh house cocktails using small-batch spirits from craft distilleries. We offer many of our own house-infused and muddled recipes. Ask about our premium versions using our house-infused liquors: vanilla vodka or whiskey, bacon vodka, cucumber/cilantro tequila, thyme bourbon.

Lady Margarite

Lady Margarite

Our house margarita features Hacienda Vieja blanco tequila muddled with pineapple & jalepeno.
Make it with cilantro cucumber tequila & muddled blackberry for an ‘El Monty’! (+$2)

Blushing ladyface

Vodka, grapefruit juice & lemon–sweet but not innocent!


Our twist on the classic summer libation with French red wine, fruit juices & orange liqueur.


Our “kiss kiss” cosmopolitan made with vodka, llimoncello, cranberry & fresh lime juice.

Ale mary

Bacon-infused vodka & beer anyone? With the options of adding a raw oyster, more bacon, bacon-wrapped olives and vegetable pickles, for the bloody mary fan, this is a libation that will go long!

French quarter

A lively, jazzed-up spin with gin, pear liqueur, rosemary, sparkling white wine & a splash of fresh lemon.


Single Malt Scotch, Whiskey & Bourbon

Highland Park, 12 Year, Orkney
Macallan Fine Oak, 10 Year, Speyside
Old Forester Bourbon, Kentucky
Tullamore D.E.W., Irish Whiskey
Eagle Rare Bourbon, 10 Year, Kentucky Straight
Sazarac Rye – Straight, Kentucky


Hacienda Vieja Blanco
Hacienda Vieja Reposado

Vodka, Gin & Rum

Aylesbury Duck Vodka
Ford’s Gin
Tru Organic Gin
Ron Matusalem White Rum
House-Spiced Rum

Brandy & Cordials

Delord Bas Armagnac Napoleon, 10 Yr
Calvados Coquerel Fine, France
La Muse Absinthe & Pastis
Joseph Cartron Crème De Cassis




Coquette, Sour Grisette w/ Kumquats
Coquine, Belgian Tripel w/ Brett
Flamberge, Flemish Red-style, with Brettanomyces
Trébuchet®, Golden Farmhouse Sour, with Lactobacillus
Dérailleur® Biere de Garde
Pen & Ink, Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout (INGENUITY SERIES OF BARREL-AGED INVENTIONS)


Brut Sparkling | Pol Clement ‘Blanc De Blanc’ | France,
Viognier/Chardonnay | La Playa | Colchagua Valley, Chili
Pinot Gris | Balletto | Russian River Valley, Ca ’12
Sauvignon Blanc | Hillersden | New Zealand
Chardonnay | Canyon Road | California
Rosé (Grenache/Syrah/Cinsault) | Terrasse De Moulinas | Languedoc, France
Sangiovese | Fantini Farnese | Abruzzo, Italy ‘15
Bordeaux | Péricou | Bordeaux, France ‘10
Pinot Noir, Heliotrope | California
Zinfandel | Rancho Zabaco | California ‘13
Gsm (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre) | Moobuzz | Central Coast, CA, ’12
Merlot | Tao Vineyards | Agoura Hills, CA ‘13

GUEST Bottled Ales & Cider

Allagash Fluxus | Saison With Rhubarb | Maine
Allagash Hoppy Table Beer | Belgian Ale | Maine |
Track 7 Left Eye Right Eye | Double Ipa | Sacramento
Lucky Luke White Wine Actuary | Barrel-Aged Belgian Golden Strong | Palmdale
Lucky Luke Billie | Cantaloupe Goze | Palmdale
Eagle Rock Yearling | Flanders Red (Sour) Ale
Eagle Rock Equinox | American Wild Ale |
Eagle Rock Le Banquet Bier | Saison Farmhouse Ale
Stone Mocha Ipa | Double Ipa W/ Cacao & Coffee
Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout | Imperial Stout W/ Wheat, Pecans, Bourbon Barrels
St. Louis Gueuze | Lambic Blend (Sour!), Belgium
Oude Beersel Kriek (Sour Cherry) | Belgium
Clos Normand Brut Cider Hard Apple Cider, Normandy, France
Golden State Hard Cider | Sebastopol, Ca
Cider House 101 Hard Cider | (Flavors Vary) | Westlake Village
Golden Coast Orange Blossom Mead | Honey Mead



Any Ladyface Ale–-with the occasional exception–is available to-go in glass jugs called growlers.

A growler, in the pre-Prohibition era, was a metal pail that drinkers toted to their local watering hole to fill with beer. In an age when bottles were scarce and expensive, and canned beer unknown, it was the working mans only option for takeout.

According to one etymology, it got its name because the hissing and crackling of the escaping CO2 resembled a guttural growl. Today’s growler is a glass jug that can be rinsed and reused indefinitely, making it the eco-friendliest of beer receptacles. Some resemble hillbilly moonshine jugs.

We Fill: A
ll Ladyface-branded growlers, either 1 liter Anniversary designs, 2 liter or 64 oz. sizes. Sorry, no blank or printed growler from other breweries will be filled.

Suggestions for growler cleaning and storage: 
Once you purchase a growler, that specific bottle belongs to you. We will not swap it for a new one, nor will we fill a dirty or damaged vessel. We will not clean your glassware. All bottles will be inspected prior to fill, and rinsed with cold water only. Beer spoils quickly. Any residual beer will go sour or moldy and not be something you will want to mix with your new, fresh and delicious ale. We will not fill any growler that stinks or has critters growing inside! Therefore, rinse your growler with hot (HOT!!!) water immediately after consuming its contents. Let it drip dry with the lid off. Alternately, swish it with rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka to ward off microbial growth. Growlers are to-go containers only. Transport it upright, securely and keep it cold. Many beer enthusiasts keep a small cooler in their car for this purpose. We hope you will enjoy are ales over and over again. Please consume responsibly.

We now offer Crowlers®!
The Crowler® is a combination of a can and a growler, invented by Oskar Blues Brewery & Ball Can Corporation.

Take them to-go.
Crowlers are perfect for picnics, pool-side BBQs and anywhere you feel the need to transport fresh, locally & independendently-brewed ale in a handy lightweight container. Or maybe you just need a smaller serving and more variety than a traitional 2-litre glass Ladyface Growler. After it’s filled, be sure to consume it within five days, and keep it cold to maintain freshness.